About Art Specialties

Our Story Begins With Yours

At Art Specialties, we understand that every school has a story—a narrative woven from the aspirations of its students and the dedication of its staff. We’re more than a graphic design company; we’re your partners in celebrating and amplifying this story. With our help, your school isn’t just a place of learning; it becomes a canvas that motivates and uplifts everyone who walks through its doors.

Understanding Your Journey

We know the challenges school leaders face: budgets that require a balancing act, campuses that need a touch of spirit, and the drive to create an environment that stands out. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with over 50 school districts and hundreds of schools, transforming educational spaces into hubs of creativity and inspiration.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to make your school come alive. We dive deep into the ethos of your school’s identity and purpose, crafting a visual symphony that resonates with every step on campus. Your vision, our creative flair—combined to make a lasting impact.

Full-Service Commitment

From the initial consultation to the unveiling of the final graphic, we are full service in every sense. We consult, design, produce, and install. Our creations range from refreshed logos and branding to expansive murals and directional signage—all tailored to harmonize with your school’s character.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We respect the financial considerations of educational institutions and offer flexible plans to suit budgets of all sizes. Our phased project rollouts ensure that every dollar is invested wisely, guaranteeing a transformation that is both affordable and stunning.

Our Promise to You

We stand firmly behind our work, offering a full warranty and a commitment to quality that endures. Our collaborative approach positions school leaders as the visionaries they are, shaping future generations in spaces designed for success.

Your Partners in Education

Our passion is to see your love and dedication for your students reflected in every inch of your campus. Let’s collaborate to create a world where the environment is as enriching as the education provided within it.


Meet the Art Specialties Team

Tim Edmonson

Owner / President

Curtis Froschheiser


Zachary King

Installation Specialist

Rayna Keen

Chief Operations Officer

Michael Aranda


Doug Hopper

Installation Specialist

Jace Nicoles

Sales Manager

Alyssa Castillo


Tom Nicoles

Installation Specialist

Courtney Nicoles

Financial Manager

David Smith

Production Manager

Michael Montenegro


Nashelly Gomez

Office Administrator

Matt Tomlinson

Lead Designer

Austin Veteto

Lead Installation Specialist

Michael White

Marketing & Social Media

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