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After 20 years of helping over 200 schools, the most important lesson we‘ve learned is that graphics, signs, and murals should align with an overall brand to be most effective. That’s why it’s important for schools to establish a brand so that students, parents, and the community know who you are as an institution, what you’re about, and why it’s important. Below are samples of what Art Specialties can do for your school. From small to massive, we got you covered. Below are samples of work we have done for schools in Southern California.

School Branding

Custom Logo Design
School Branding Strategy and Consultation

Your school brand is your school spirit. It’s what comes to mind when thinking about your school. It’s your reputation in the community. It sets expectations for your staff and students. It’s like a giant billboard over your school declaring “This is who we are and what we are about!” Most public schools are terrible at branding.

Why are public schools so bad at branding? Because they feel they don’t have to. Unlike private schools or universities, your school doesn’t have to advertise. You don’t have to allure students to come to your school and you’re not looking to make a sale, right?

School Graphics

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